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      Strength In Numbers

     To some degree, everyone is stressed. It's something most of us can readily relate to. This is the reason I advocate groups over individual sessions for dealing with stress.

      The purpose of a group is actually less for "treatment" than it is for education or experience and information sharing. It has a beginning, a middle and an end. People join groups which I run, for a specific reason- in this case, stress reduction. Through the course of the group sessions, as its leader, I offer information, knowledge and experience which I have found to be effective exercises to reduce stress, both physically and mentally. The group plays a part in bringing together a diversity of experience, sharing a common objective: relief from stress. The interplay among members in a group is important in heightening the experience of self-awareness and awareness of other.


Experiencing Relaxation Workshop: Learn to Manage Your Stress

Time and Place: Wednesdays, 7:00 to 8:30 PM at Dr. T’s Office

      The stress of modern life and the challenges of our existence are real – there is no denying it. But the way you respond and mange your stress is up to you! You do not have to accept worry, anxiety, and physical symptoms as unavoidable results of stress. This eight-week program teaches both ancient and modern techniques proven to relax the mind and alter consciousness. You will relax by learning skills of attending, focusing and concentrating. These skills will be taught weekly along with the relaxation technique of the week, so that the skills become new and positive habits that you can use to manage stress in the future.

      This is a brief outline of the program where what you learn builds upon the learning of the previous week:

Week 1 – Introduction

To increase your awareness of yourself and your life, you will pin point the events in life that create stress, calculate your current level of stress and understand all the symptoms created by stress. The importance of learning the relaxation response to counter the fight-or-flight reaction that happens within the body will be explained.

Week 2 – Breathing

Breathing is the most reliable technique known to alter consciousness and relax the body. You will learn various breath techniques and understand how breathing controls many facets of body and mind functioning. Breath techniques to induce relaxation will be practiced.

Week 3 – Relaxation

You will learn several body techniques that teach you more about feeling your body and how to physically relax. Using the breath in conjunction with these techniques will be practiced.

Week 4 – Meditation

You will learn to quiet the mind to relax the body. This ancient technique teaches you how to focus and concentrate on certain thoughts which clear the mind and induce relaxation. Using the breath and relaxation in conjunction with meditation will be practiced.

Week 5 – The Mind, Body and Breath together: Yoga, Alexander and Laban Body Techniques

You will learn several stretches and relaxing yoga positions you can do anytime. Using breath control, relaxation and meditation in conjunction with a relaxing body pose will be practiced for you to experience the of most intense altered states.

Week 6 – Eliminating Harmful Thoughts

You will learn how your thoughts affect your body and your emotions. You will learn thought awareness, thought blocking, thought refuting and substitution to stop the ideas that start the fight and flight, anxiety reaction.

Week 7 – Self-Hypnosis

You will learn this modern technique to put relaxing mental images and new ideas (suggestions) into your head to calm and comfort you. Using all the previous leanings in conjunction with a variety of hypnotic inductions to induce a relaxed state will be presented and practiced.

Week 8 – Group Trance

This last week puts together all the techniques. After the group trance session you will be prepared to use what you have learned in your life, and, afterwards you will receive a recording of the session to be used until the relaxation response becomes second nature.

Program Coordinator/Group Leader:
Albina M. Tamalonis, Psy.D.,is a licensed Clinical Psychologist with over 20 years experience in psychotherapy, hypnosis, and various mind/body techniques. She is on the faculty of the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis and the International Society of Clinical Hypnosis. Dr. Tamalonis is among the first group of clinicians to be nationally certified by ASCH to offer hypnotic treatment and training.


For more information on Dr. Tamalonis 8 week group sessions dealing with stress management, please call (917) 747-9682 or email dramt@aol.com.Mailbox picture

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